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Ashi Hamono Ginga




Klingenlänge cm:





Griff Form:



Inherit Sakai Hamono's Tradition
Consistent Knife Making Process and Great Quality Control
Handmade by Great Knife Making Masters

From 焼き入れ(Yakiire) to 検品(Kenpin)
The Knife Making Process and Quality Control

There are 2 types of Hamono (cutlery) : Uchihamono made by hagane (the hard steel used for the cutting edge) clad with softer iron and Zenkou made purely by hagane. Ashi Cutlery Works traditionally produces on Zenkou. Today, the company recognizes the influence of western food and cooking on Japanese food culture and is mainly focused on high-end knives for western style kitchen.
The steel Ashi Hamono uses goes through a dozen processes before it becomes a knife. Ashi is committed to a complete in-house knife making process and consistant quality control.
At the same time, the company tries to maintain great flexibility to the answer to various needs and demands of its customers.

Ginga Series

Materials: [Blade] Swedish stainless steel or High-Carbon steel (Shirogami)
              [Handle] Composite wood or Magnolia, Water buffalo horn

The tradition of Sakai Hamono
切れ味(Kireaji) - The Feeling of Sharpness

The 銀香(Ginga) series is Ashi Hamono's original product line. Ginga knives use world-famous Swedish stainless steel. Ginga's superb sharpness is a result of a careful heat-treatment process as well as hatsuke (the process of giving a final edge), done by skilled professionals. Ashi Hamono also makes carbon steel Ginga knives. And handles can be either western or Japanese style.
The Ginga series is widely used by many well-known Japanese restaurants - Try the professional quality and great cutting ability of Ginga for yourself.

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